Solar Panel Cleaningboulder solar panel cleaning

In Colorado we have more sunny days than San Diego, CA.  That’s right 311 days average of sunshine.  We really should be the sunshine state!  All those direct rays make us a prime candidate for solar panels and many people are switching to solar panels as an alternative energy source that saves literally 1000’s of dollars a year on energy bills.  Many new home builds incorporate solar energy in their design but also older homes can be retrofitted for panels.   What people do not realize is that solar panels DO need to be cleaned.  Solar panels are mainly maintenance free but having dirty solar panels can reduce their efficiency up to 15-25% and also increase the amount of time it takes for solar panels to pay for the original investment by 3-5 years.

Many people think that snow and rain will clean the panels but this is not enough to remove the grime that builds up due to pollutants.  Tree sap, pollen, auto exhaust, and acid rain can be large contributors to grimy solar panels.   Self cleaning systems are an option that some solar panel owners have explored but they are a large investment and they do not clean after rainstorms which leave water deposits on the panels that cannot be removed without cleaning solutions.  So keep the momentum that you began by switching to solar energy and keep your solar panels running at peak efficiency with affordable regular maintenance.  Call Aspen Services to clean your solar panels and keep them functioning at peak performance.  We service commercial and residential solar panels.  Enjoy the Colorado sunshine!

If you have any questions about solar panel cleaning or would like to schedule a time to have your solar panels cleaned please give us a call at 303-818-5258