Commercial Window Cleaning

ap_logo1Aspen Services provides commercial window cleaning in Denver and Boulder and across the Front Range of Colorado via our sister company AquaPro. AquaPro offers high quality interior and exterior window cleaning on all types of commercial buildings. We are able to do rope work, stage work, repel work and have ladders and lifts to access any surface. We also have experience cleaning scoreboards, signs and solar panels.

We work with many municipalities and commercial property owners to keep all aspects of their sites clean. Our professional and experienced crew can tackle any of your window washing and pressure washing needs.


We utilize the latest in window cleaning technology which is environmentally friendly using only highly filtered water and no chemicals.  The water fed pole cleaning system is also very safe for our employees since, in most cases, there is no need for ladders, lifts, or descending systems.

Water Fed Pole/Pure Water Window Cleaning

How does it work?

The system works in two parts.  The first is the wet bristled brush at the end of our carbon fiber poles which are used to scrub the glass and frames to loosen the dirt and debris.  The second step is to use ultra-filtered reverse osmosis and deionized water to rinse the dirt and debris away.  Because the water is pure it leaves no spots when it dries.

The Technology (view the video to learn even more)

On most buildings this method is actually the safest and the most cost effective means to have the building’s windows cleaned.  On occasion we will have to use ladders and hand clean windows that are not accessible from the ground.

The advantage of a WFP system is that it leaves windows, frames and mullions cleaner than with a squeegee, it removes more dirt from the grooves on window frames and it reaches windows in places too dangerous to put a ladder.  Since no rental equipment is needed, our workman’s comp rates are much lower, and the work goes much quicker we are able to pass the savings on to the property manager.

Because the system uses no soap rainfall will not re-activate any soap residue that causes white rain spots.

Bottom Line

  • For buildings up to 60ft.
  • No lift rental
  • No descending systems or ladders
  • Lower labor costs
  • Lower workman’s comp costs
  • Less disruptive (only the brush head on the windows…no eyes)